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Save That XP For Later

Thats right.  Now you don’t have to lose all that hard earned experience when you die.

If you know you are going out for some risky business or just want to save some up for later, just use:


and save your XP until you need it.

And here is how:

How does it work?

XPKeeper is sign based, you place a sign post or wall sign and put [XPKeeper] on the first line. The text between the square brackets can be changed by editing the config file and is case-insensitive.

  • To save your XP (both LEVEL and EXPERIENCE), LEFT-click the sign with nothing (AIR) in your hand. Your XP will be transferred to the sign and will disappear from the HUD.
  • If you gain more experience, just LEFT-click the sign again to add the current amount to the existing saved XP.
  • To withdraw some XP, RIGHT-click the sign with nothing (AIR) in your hand. The amount you withdraw is set in the config file (5 levels by default). To withdraw all your XP, RIGHT-click the sign while SNEAKING.


and here is an example picture for you:


If you have any questions or any issues let Latamier know.

Thanks for being a part of our server family.


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