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This is an Enhanced Survival Server which means there are more of everything that you like about Vanilla Minecraft. We have just added to what makes MC fun and tried to take away what makes MC a bit tedious at times.

What makes us different from other servers is that you don't have to buy ranks to have fun. We give you the good stuff for free just for you spending time on the server.

Here is a few examples:
Extra inventory space as soon as you join - just do /inv
We have doubled your hearts just by joining.
You can store your horses and get your regular inventory automatically sorted as well as our basic features which include Land Claim, McMMo, and XP saver and automatic chests to catch your stuff when you die. All of this for just joining our server on your first day.
Check out the players guide if you want to see more info in a lot more detail.

Thanks for joining us & see you soon,
Lat & Pixy

SlimeFun – Back By Request


Your favorite expansion has been brought back due to popular demand.

Here are a few screen shots of the players SlimeFun machine set ups.

Here are some of its gardens that you can make different food and even ores.

There is so much to do with this feature that we are linking to the creators wiki.

If you have any questions, please ask some one.

See the wiki and what all you can do



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